Holistic Education

One of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika‘s purpose & goal is to develop a “holistic education” center in South Afrika & other countries in Afrika.  Holistic education is of the ‘Ancient Wise Ways’ from the very beginning of our origin.  It is teachings & wisdom that have been sacredly preserved, practiced & held by Native elders who have ‘always stayed’ impecably allied & reliable to serve the universal creative source.  Amongst others, such elders are the Kogi Mamas, the spiritual leaders of the Kogi in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia.  Through the development of the foundation & work we intend to also hold & extend teachings & holistic wisdom from South Afrikan & Afrikan natives. It is through our mentor’s work & service of over 30 years – that in America, Colombia & other places – have been established Holistic Education Centers & Schools.  This is for people who sincerely are yearning to integrate the ever fresh wisdom of these life-sustaining Holistic Ways.  They are codes of behavior to not only recover our authentic being but a collaborative & sacred relationship to the Divine Source & power, the Divine Mother. MORE…  

Regine Veraguas is a Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner, Conscious Living Coach & Project Manager for the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika

Spiritual Training

One of the goals & purpose of the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika is to offer spiritual training & mentorship with my Mentor, Mama Koginka.  We are establishing the foundation & preparing the ground work for Mama Koginka to visit us in South Afrika.  It is vital that a person interested get in touch with Regine Veraguas, Project Manager of the foundation, see our contact details.   As a certified & approved holistic educator, healing practitiner & conscious living coach, Regine, through her level of training & alliance has the necessary elements & programs to facilitate people’s healing process & preparation for spiritual development. We are actively working to solidly establish the foundation with Souls that resonate with our unique service. Together, as our committed engagement & dedicated preparation builds it will manifest the auspicious & synchronistic time when Mama Koginka will come to visit us in South Afrika to further intensify & lift people’s process to the next level.  Dedication & auspicious timing for each one of us in our process is precious, key & should be capitalized upon.  Take advantage of this synchronistic offering to get started. MORE …

Coaching in Conscious Living

A Conscious Living Coach is someone who through their own very committed process of engagement and application has achieved the ability to coach and prepare others in navigating the landscape of their existence in this life. Coaching helps people have more clarity to the circumstances, life challenges and issues they have and need to address. It provides very effective and powerful tools to empower people so they may engage in their own process of healing and recovering consciousness. Sessions are custom-tailored passing practical elements, wisdom, teachings, tools, guidance, insights and clarity in consciousness. It is up to the person to appropriately apply and put into action what the coach is offering you so you achieve and experience a more balanced conscious life, harmonious and soul-full expression of your authentic being.
What is Conscious Living, one might ask? It is about recovering our connection and alignment to the Living Wisdom and Intelligence that is Original and held by the Creative power and source of everything, the creative source behind nature and all living forms including your Spirit and Soul.  Everything is connected and we should profoundly care about our relationship to the Original Creative Power and Source that birthed all. Recovering consciousness is returning to the Source.  It is a process, one step at time, in Consciousness that is held by her … the Origin and Source of everything.

Regine Veraguas is a Holistic Educator, Healing Practitioner, Conscious Living Coach & Project Manager for the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika