10:30 am – 12:30 pm 

Next gathering … 9 Mar, 23 Mar, 6 April … & so on 2019

Regine is picking up her Gatherings since her return from a beautiful and vigorous spiritual Pilgrimage to the Mother Land of Colombia. Don’t miss the precious opportunity and privilege to be immersed in and absorb the original living wisdom of the Mother.

Gathering for Consciousness, Healing & For Mother’s Earth Wisdom with Regine Veraguas
I hold gatherings to extend teachings on the Mother’s original wise ways.  Join us to learn about healing within and original wisdom for earth preservation. This is for people who wish to bring back balance and harmony within and extend it.  Join us to learn about your luminous body, to re-dignify your soul and spirit and recover consciousness. Remember, healing begins with ourselves first.

Offered every other Saturday, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Will take place at a private Home in the Southern Suburbs. RSVP for address & directions.
RSVP is required via email to

Conscious Donations appreciated (suggested R180 – R300 based on sliding scale)

Regine will introduce people to the Original Living Wisdom of the Divine Mother from time immemorial … the beginning of time. I will speak about our authentic BEING & pure purpose.

The source of creation gave us elements to profoundly heal ourselves …
so that we could recover our Spirit, Consciousness,
original function, pure purpose & BE in alignment with HER,
in other words, in her Grace.

Teaching inspired by the wisdom bestowed upon Regine from her mentor, Koginka Kamaru Xue

• Regine holds a healing practice, gives talks, workshops.  She educates & coaches people in wisdom, consciousness & living a wholesome holistic life.  She is based in Cape Town, South Afrika for the last 9 years harmonizing nature in sacred spaces of South Afrika, Afrika and worldwide through the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika NPC. Her service is founded on the healing, teachings & spiritual arts she is receiving for over 13 years of apprenticeship with her Spiritual Mentor through the Xolar Vibronics School & the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation based in Amerika.
CertificationXolar Vibronics SchoolCenter for Holistic Healing Education & Wholesome Living. Certified in, Xolar Vibronics method of Chakra Balancing, Holistic Educator, Conscious Living Coach, Bio-Energetic Healing, Vibrational Healing & Foundation Ayurveda.
• Healing Practitioner, Holistic Educator, Conscious Living Coach & Project Manager for the Koginka Sewaluna Foundation Afrika NPC, FOR MOTHER’S EARTH WISDOM PRESERVATION.

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